Jennifer Hampton ASCA Non-Regular Breeder Judge

Allow me to introduce myself and my dogs.

Happy Trails Australian Shepherds are Nothing But Love!

Happy Trails Aussies began in the 1980s through the love of a shelter rescue. My involvement in Australian Shepherds grew through the years from owner to breeder-owner-handler and currently, I am approved as an Australian Shepherd Club of America judge.

Happy Trails Aussies are selected for their health, beauty and an easy to live with temperament. Through selective breedings and infrequent litters, Happy Trails has many champions in the show ring but also on the home front. From couch to show ring, my dogs enjoy hanging with celebrities and living overseas. References are available upon request.

Prior to leaving Happy Trails, puppies receive an eye exam, current vaccinations, and parasite treatment. All Happy Trails litters are dually registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC) and the Australian Shepherd Club of America (ASCA). Such registration allows you to compete in such avenues as obedience, agility, freestyle dancing, herding, and conformation events; just like you see on Animal Planet!

As your dog's breeder, I am available for help, questions, or just an ear to brag to about your Happy Trails puppy's accomplishments. I highly encourage you to visit the American Kennel Club's website (www.akc.org) to learn more about choosing a breeder for your companion for the next 10-15 years. Be sure to click on the “Future Owners” link to learn more about such topics: Buying a Dog, The Right Dog for You, and Hallmarks of a Responsible Breeder.

A dog is a commitment of time and love. A Happy Trails Australian Shepherd is committed to loving you! 

Happy Trails Australian Shepherds
Cell. 734-678-2085
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