Registries & Clubs

ASCA The Australian Shepherd Club of America
USASA   The United States Australian Shepherd Association
AKC   The American Kennel Club
NADAC   North American Dog Agility Council
USDAA   United States Dog Agility Association
AMBOR American Mixed Breed Obedience Registry


Health & Genetics

ASHGI   Australian Shepherd Health & Genetics Institute, Inc. Great site for genetic information with info on inheritable diseases and ongoing research projects for the Australian Shepherd.
OFA   Orthopedic Foundation for Animals
PennHip The University of Pennsylvania Hip Improvement Program
CERF   Canine Eye Registration Foundation
University of Missouri   Collecting DNA samples to develop a screening test of Epilepsy in Australian Shepherds. Families and Individual affected dogs DNA will be accepted. Contact Liz Hansen at HansenL@missouri.edu or
(573) 884-3712




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